1. You seem to like to paste anything written about Shariah law. But you don’t seem to have a clue about what it is. Are you afraid or just trying to upset ignorant people? It’s so easy to criticize something you don’t know. But know this: Shariah is not a bunch of laws that can be implemented in a democracy. To live according to Shariah is voluntarily. You must want to submit to Shariah and you must acknowledge a religious scholar to rule based on the Quran. It’s called theocracy. It can never override the democracy. We have a few countries of so called theocracy in the world and it’s possible for any pro-Shariah to seek refuge there. That’s all there is. 🙂


    • Thanks for reading but I think you may be the one that is ignorant. Sharia is already practiced in many of our western nations but when Islam becomes politically capable of implementing Sharia it will and it affects Muslims and non-Muslims.


      • 95% of Shariah is about how to worship, conduct, family matters and so on. It’s no harm to anyone. Every Muslim practice this. So it’s not “many countries” it’s probably every country. Now, the last 5% of Shariah – is the penal laws. They are not implemented in any western country. I’ve not herd of any one-handed or lashed people or even decapitated. Now, if that would happen, it violates Islam. Why? Because the law of the land is above any Muslim law. A democratic land stays democratic. That’s how you can distinguish between any Muslim and extremism. This is very important as the extremism must be fought. 🙂


  2. A theocrcy affects everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim. When a republic or democracy allow Sharia or any other laws to walk beside the law of the land no one is safe and justice is out the door. If Muslims cannot abide by the laws of the land then they should seek a home in a nation that is Islamic and follows sharia. I will leave it at that. Thanks again for reading.

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