1. Integration is between people. Not religion. And it means that it’s very good for immigrants/refugees to learn the language, the legal basics and other things that makes it easier on all parts.
    Also, there’s one of the fundamental laws in Sweden allowing it’s citizens to have the benefit of a choice when it comes to religion.


    • Thanks for reading. It seems from the video is that the Swedish politicians are seeking to get the Swedish people to integrate to Islam rather than the Muslims assimilating into Swedish life! Thanks again for visitng whatyareckon.


      • It’s an interesting subject. Very hot topic. But I can’t find any religious references in the video. Is that Islam-thing your interpretation?


  2. One would wonder why the video ends with a woman in a hijab if it doesn’t have SOMETHING to do with Islam? You think what you must but (I see) the import of the video is that one must accept the culture of those from other countries (Islamic in this case) whether that culture (Islamic female genital mutilation for instance) is acceptable in your coutry or not. Thanks again for reading and thinking.


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