4 comments on “WOULD THIS MAN LIE?

  1. Isn’t it a good idea to have emergency supplies and an exit plan anyway? Anyone can get hit with an unexpected power outage, even if you don’t live within striking distance of hurricanes.


      • If I lived in range of hurricanes, I wouldn’t quibble about whether or not one would be more likely to come. If I lived next to a river, I would carry flood insurance. If I lived near a bluff, I would make sure it was anchored and hire a structural engineer to make sure.

        You’re suggesting that Obama not being a scientist is somehow a more important topic than whether one ought to take precautions generally. I’m pointing out that it matters little, because in the long run, hurricanes do hit coasts, and bad weather of some kind happens everywhere.

        I don’t expect the government to be looking out for my house. I have to act as an adult on my own volition.


  2. The point is Obama refers to climate change as the reason for the preparedness. Be prepared for any emergency if you live where these things occur that is prudent, but as President, do NOT tell fibs on a science not proven!


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